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An Electric New Year – 2018 Goals and Updates

Greetings, Geeks!

C. Voyage, here, and it’s time for another update, as well as a little something different. New Year Resolutions! Let’s knock out the update part first.

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Galvanic Post (10/2/17) – MAJOR Updates On The Way

Greetings, geeks!

Chris, here. Things around the site are about to start changing in a pretty big way. We’ve got some major changes around the corner. Some will see a more gradual implementation than others. But they’re coming together for certain.

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Galvanic Post – 5/6/17

Greetings, geeks!

So here’s a few updates for ya.

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Galvanic Post – 2/25/17

Greetings, geeks!

Chris, here! And I’ve got a few updates for ya!

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Bulletoon Returns

The Bulletoon Twins are BACK! And they have a special Galvanic Announcement to make. Are YOU Amped Up?

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Galvanic Post – 11/12/16

Heya folks!

Chris, here. Just wanted to tell you guys about some of the cool stuff going on around here, in what I guess is the first official issue of the Galvanic Post? It’s a site news bulletin. No, not Bulletoon. Bulletin. With an ‘i’… so yeah.

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