Firing Up The GeekMachine

Introducing a new era in Engineering Awesome: GeekMachine.

As we stated not too long ago, we’re undergoing a rebranding project. A hefty one. This is the first public stage in that project. When we announced the GalvanicTeam rebrand a while ago, we didn’t really go into detail about it. So here’s a quick guide to what you can expect from this site and our group, as we advance.

What Is GeekMachine?

This is a tentative logo, subject to further tweaks.

We mentioned before that we were rebranding. That’s not entirely accurate. We’re actually launching an “imprint” which will be taking over as the main focus of this particular website. It’s effectively a subdivision of our content production entity. Specifically, GeekMachine is going to revolve around our original content. For the time being, it’s where we’ll be hosting the majority of our original projects and creator commentary on the process.

The reason we announced it as a rebranding is that while the Galvanic Team entity is going to continue to exist, it’s no longer going to be the name of this website. Instead, Galvanic is more the name of the parent entity. We’re not making a separate website for it or anything – at least, not yet. In essence, this means that our media commentary branch is effectively suspended. We won’t say it’s being entirely discontinued, but it will be frozen until further notice.

Under GeekMachine, you can expect to see the likes of EXTRA/NORMAL, Burning Sky, Homebrew Heroes, and Bulletoon. Ghost Light Exorcist is also an affiliated project. I cannot get into the particulars of the arrangement for that one yet, but there aren’t currently plans to host that project here. There will, however, be a portal to the place where that story is being hosted.

What The GeekMachine Rollout Will Look Like

We can’t commit to an actual timeline at the moment. However, we do know what we’re going to be doing. So, in no particular order, here’s what you can expect to see in the coming weeks of the GeekMachine takeover:

  • The website URL will change to reflect this new direction.
  • The aesthetic and layout of the website will change dramatically.
  • The Patreon will be relaunched with new tiers, rewards, etc.
  • The YouTube channel will be updated to reflect this change. It will be converted into a channel exclusively for Bulletoon. If and when we create other video content, we will make a new channel for that.
  • We’ll develop some sort of GeekMachine marketing and social media plan, likely revolving around Instagram and/or Twitter (loathe them though we may).
  • Revive and update the Discord Server.

There are a few other things that we’re contemplating but haven’t fully committed to yet. If we do, we’ll be sure to inform you of those. All of this will stretch into next year for certain and will coincide with the rollout of other projects – most notably Burning Sky. More on that below. Expect semi-regular updates on the progress of this initiative as it approaches its realization.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but when the site begins the process of its visual overhaul, we’re going to be temporarily taking it down. It will be back up after the bones of the update are complete. After that, expect to see some things getting tweaked and moved around as we finalize it all.

Discord + Social Media

The Discord Server is currently inactive. We’ll revive it sometime early next year. When we do that, we’ll put out a call for moderators and the like. We’d previously handled that ourselves, but we’re busier now than we were back when the server started. Thankfully, we never really had any issues that required much moderation. If the server is to grow, however, that won’t likely remain the case.

As mentioned above, we’ll likely refocus our social media efforts on Twitter and Instagram. We despise them all, really, but there’s not much to be done about it. We’ll probably also expand into Reddit to some degree. This will likely be merged with our Discord efforts in some way, as we work on bottlenecking the majority of points of contact to one central location, thereby easily linking everything together and directing all attention back here.

Bulletoon’s Place In GeekMachine

As has been brought up in the past, Bulletoon is currently on hiatus while we work on a large project concerning it. There might be one more season of the show in its current form. As for more after that, no promises. We’re moving the show away from the media (anime) commentary mini video essay format.

The reasons for this are multiple. The most pressing is that the format has gotten rather a bit dull to those of us writing it. At the end of the day, we’re creative people. So we want to be creative and convey our commentary in creative ways. So Bulletoon is going through the process of a total reboot.

The title of the new series, which isn’t expressly a “show” anymore, is Bulletoon.DLC. It’s a narrative project that we’ve begun work on but have had to stall for monetary reasons. This project will take time to materialize in its full form, but it will be worth the wait, I assure you. I can say it will probably be the first non-webnovel narrative project we’ll likely be producing (don’t confuse that for me saying it’ll be the first that comes out. I just mean it’s the one we’ve already started on. It may take longer than others to materialize). There will still be a video and audiovisual component, but it’s a bit more complex than that.

As for progress so far, I can comfortably say that the storyline itself has been finalized. The pilot script is in the drafting stage. We already have early concept art for the girls in their new designs for the project and we’re looking forward to showing that off, and more when we’re further along. The Bulletoon girls are still very much our beloved mascots and they’re not going anywhere.

Winter Content Plan

First, I want to be clear. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” That’s why this isn’t being called a map. With that out of the way, this is the plan we’ve set for content over the course of the Winter season.

Homebrew Heroes: Renegade Knights

Our DnD-based project, Renegade Knights wasn’t really supposed to take as long as it did to start coming out, but we only really have time to work on it over the weekends, so it’s been pretty slow. That said, this series will be releasing very soon. Probably within the next three days of this very post going live. Once it’s done, expect a new “episode” once or twice a week. Probably once on Wednesday and once on Saturday/Sunday. However, don’t get married to that. Homebrew Heroes is low on the GeekMachine priority list. There will be weeks where we just skip it for something more important.


Effective as soon as the site’s initial visual overhaul goes through, EXTRA/NORMAL will join the fold here. An existing chapter will be posted daily, leading up to the release of the first new chapter of the story in over a year. If you haven’t read it on Honeyfeed, this will be an excellent chance for you to read up on it. Of course, I am not removing EXTRA/NORMAL from Honeyfeed so you can still go there to read it if you wish. The presentation will be better here, however.

Ghost Light Exorcist

While it is a GeekMachine-affiliated project, just by virtue of me being its writer, Ghost Light Exorcist is a VoyceMe original, meaning it is hosted exclusively on that website. If you want to read it, you’ll read it there. However, the series is still ongoing with new chapters published on weekends. The series is now entering its 6th storyline, so check it out when you can.

Burning Sky

Burning Sky

All right. This is the big one. Our most ambitious project by far, Burning Sky is a massive fantasy action-adventure crossover series. We’ve been diligently working on it for years and we’re about ready to start releasing chapters. Just a few nuts and bolts to tighten, some visual assets to get squared away, and that’ll be it.

As part of our content plan, we’re getting ready to ramp up our Burning Sky promotion cycle. Once the GeekMachine rollout has made it at least through the visual website overhaul phase, we’ll start throwing out things like teasers and seeing what other ways we can get eyes on it. All of this is building towards what we hope will be a Spring 2023 release. There will be regular progress updates on this once we’re underway. For the time being, the story will also be available on both Honeyfeed and, but they won’t be tied to either of those platforms exclusively.

In Summary

The next few months are going to be pretty big for us. Maybe not so much on your end, but there’s going to be a lot of movement on ours. We’re looking forward to finally start growing our little corner of the internet again after a long while of it just staying in the same place. Evolving our content and everything that has to do with it. The GeekMachine will soon be ready to start Engineering Awesome! Hope you like what we have in store. Thanks, as always, for reading.

Keep up the Awesome,

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