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Burning Sky DAWNBRINGER – Cover Reveal

Morrigan’s aim is true in Burning Sky DAWNBRINGER.

Burning Sky Dawnbringer Is A Magical Story In A Harsh Land

The Witch of the Wilderness…

The Raven Child…

The Omen

Such are just a few of the titles ascribed to Morrigan, the reclusive and mysterious sorceress who roams the frigid lands of the northeast. Frightening the fearless. Breaking the brave. Even among the Creed of Valora, where courage is said to be in the very bones of its followers and the lifeblood of its clans.

Yet for Meri and Arne – a pair of clanless siblings being hunted across Jormunheim by radicals – she may be the only one they can rely on. If they’re to deliver a message of grave importance to the throne, across the continent, they will need a guide. One with an intimate knowledge of these frozen wilds. Of course, they may find that traveling with this woman is no less dangerous. After all…

Foolish are they who follow the Raven.

Burning Sky Dawnbringer Cover Art with Morrigan Voll

Developing The Raven Child’s Story

Burning Sky Dawnbringer is definitely a departure from the three Burning Sky stories we’ve revealed up to now. It’s a much more somber and consequently mature series. But this tracks with Morrigan being a more mature character than those before her. She reflects a world that’s far darker, on its face, than the others.

At least for the initial arc, Dawnbringer is a story of survival. One which makes clear that only the strong or the clever can resist being swallowed alive by this hostile land. Made no easier by forces actively hunting you. Beyond that, we use this story to delve more into the rules of magic in this world. After all, Burning Sky has several paths to power, so it’s worth showing what makes magic stand out.

Whenever we sat down to write this one, it was pretty clear that this Burning Sky tale wasn’t about fun. While it’d have its moments, this story would be more sobering. So the story would let us play more with drama, from the onset, which suits the less happy-go-lucky cast just fine. Look forward to it. Thanks for reading, as always!

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