Burning Sky BUSHIDO – Cover Reveal

Mei, the tricky tanuki of the east, laughs it up at the Burning Sky

Burning Sky Bushido Shows The Making Of A Legend

The lands to the far east tell an ancient legend. Eight Seijuu – eight Holy Beast spirits from a time before mankind walked the great Kowari archipelago. Kappa, Oni, Nekomata, Onamazu, Tengu, Kitsune, Tanuki, all led by the divine wisdom of the great dragon – Ryujin. They aided men in settling the isles when they crawled out of the darkness. Working alongside mortal warriors, they protected the isles from the Akuma when the monsters first emerged… and again when they returned.

But tragedy has befallen them in recent times. They are broken. Scattered. Several are missing. Now that those devils threaten to return, once again, it is more important than ever that they be united.

Thus is the tale of Mei – the current bearer of the tricky Tanuki spirit. An outsider, dragged into the affairs of this age-old order. Not a warrior, but a fool. A clown with the fate of the region very much in her hands. The only one who can help these sacred warriors seal that Akuma once again… provided their hunters – a group of vengeful souls called the Dai Ryoushi – don’t put an end to the legend for good.

Burning Sky Bushido cover art.

I can’t speak for the others, but whenever we decided to work on Burning Sky BUSHIDO, the word most on my mind was “transformation.” Sure, one could argue that all stories are, in some respect, about transformation or, more broadly, change. But I wanted this particular series to really feel transformative. I wanted it to be able to shift and look completely different, from one arc to the next. Sometimes even changing things up just between two chapters, at the drop of a hat. What I’m most looking forward to, is seeing how Mei will “transform” throughout this series. Anyway, thanks for reading!

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