Burning Sky VIRTUE – Cover Reveal

All under the Burning Sky are subject to the justice of Bridget.

Burning Sky VIRTUE Reveals The Face Of Templar Justice

Who watches the watchers?

The answer is simple.

The Judges.

Peerless in their combat prowess. Unmatched in overwhelming power. Unwavering in their commitment to the virtue of justice. Judges are the answer in a world where Templars need someone to keep them in check. A Templar contingency to Templar totalitarianism. And there is no Judge in this modern age more prolific than Bridget Mercia.

Her oath leaves her in the awkward territory, however, of having to defend Djinn when a clandestine organization breaks the Templars’ treaty with the neighboring Djinn territory, Medicci. These “Seraphim Wings” abduct unsuspecting Djinn to convert into private slaves, threatening the already unstable peace throughout Ipal. That, Bridget cannot allow. Templar or not, lawbreakers will be judged.

Burning Sky VIRTUE volume 1 Cover Bridget

Justice is a fascinating concept. Because different people can define it very differently. That’s something that was always at the heart of Burning Sky VIRTUE when we sat down to write it. We wanted this series to explore the moralities of a host of different characters, from very different walks of life. That also gave us a good excuse to use this series as a place to do some major world-building for Burning Sky. It lets us flesh out the Templars, for example, in ways that NOT even HEROES does. We get to see more of Djinn civilization and the inner workings of the Creed of Eleos. A lot of cool stuff like that.

On top of those things, though, is the fun aspect of this story. It’s unique because this series is actually pretty dark. But it’s also a looot of fun. The power scales we’re playing with for the characters of this one allow us to have really bonkers action sequences. Some really creative, some just ridiculously over-the-top, whatever. Hope you enjoy it when it finally drops. ‘Til then, thanks for reading!

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