Getting to Know: The Bulletoon Girls

The Bulletoon Girls (or The Bulleteam) are a trio of girls who run the Bulletoon series, from the Show to the articles and beyond.


The Fun Twin

It would be unwise to underestimate this bubbly cosplayer. That chipper persona masks not just a genius intellect, but also a wicked streak. One that’s been known to show itself whenever she’s annoyed. Woe betide anyone who speaks ill of her passions or the things she loves.


The Responsible Twin

Don’t let the short temper and crude manner fool you. This aggressively competitive gamer girl fujoshi is one smart cookie. With a knack for articulation, a mind for analysis, and a love for storytelling, Riley brings more than just her fiery personality to the Bulleteam.


G-Team’s Resident “Gal in the Chair”

Rori adores cute things. Especially her lil “Riri.” A born tease, Rori’s as playful as they come and revels in using her natural charm to mess with people for fun reactions. She oversees G-Team’s social media and administrative needs. But she helps out with content when she can.

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