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Creator Log: A Burning Sky Update

Now that all of the character introductions and cover reveals are out of the way, let’s talk about the state of the Burning Sky launch.

We’ll start with some pretty obvious questions, and go on from there.

Where Is Burning Sky? When Does It Officially Launch?

The original plan was for us to host it on our own website (not this one). Alas, websites take time and money to build. Due to some circumstances beyond our control, we’re low on the latter, right now. At least in terms of disposable income that we can put towards this project. The new plan was to host it on any of the freely accessible platforms around the internet. But we always knew that doing that would come at the price of having to compete for eyes. So the next plan was to pitch the project to any of these places as a temporary exclusive (think timed exclusives on video game consoles), which would come with certain benefits – namely promotional assistance and, in some cases, modest funding. That’s the plan we’re on, at the moment.

So we’re pitching things. Unfortunately, pitching is a process. It takes time for the pitched content to be reviewed. People are busy. Even busier than us. The problem is that getting these types of exclusive deals, even on a temporary basis, tends to have stipulations. “The work can not have been published on any other platforms,” for example. Unfortunately, those things won’t come up until the contract stage. And that requires getting through the pitching in the first place. So until we hear back from any of the places we’ve been pitching to, it’s just safer to hold onto it, even though we technically have enough Burning Sky content written to start posting whenever we want and basically be good for several months.

What Will You Do In The Interim, Voyager?

I can only speak for myself. But the answer to that is fairly obvious. Ghost Light Exorcist is my most immediate priority while we’re waiting on this. Aside from the fact that I’m under contract to do it and it’s literally my job, I just… like writing it. Wish more people were into it, but whatever. I also want to return to work on Bulletoon. For full context, the entire reason that Bulletoon just kinda stopped was that we were working on a biiig overhaul that took it more in the direction of an original project that parodied/paid homage to a lot of the media it once talked about. Unfortunately, the rug got yanked out from under us on the production of it. So that got waylaid and I haven’t gone back to the normal episodes largely on the back of burnout, if I’m honest.

I got tired of watching stuff – much of it I genuinely could not have cared less about (looking at you, Overlord…) just to cover it on the show or the site. I wanna watch things because I feel like it. Problem is, I was running out of things to say about the stuff I already felt strongly about. And watching for the sake of coverage, as well as my being overall a poorly emotionally adjusted idiot with a fragile ego and a cynical streak, was likely causing me to just tune out of things pretty quick and not really give ’em a fair shake. Or a thorough one, as some stuff I’d just rush together.

But the simplest reason is that, through multiple failed stints at media jobs, I’ve just come to the determination that I’m not the journalistic type. I’m energized by making things. Watching things just makes me want to make things more (or “better” than what I just absorbed). So I wanted to make Bulletoon into something more creative while maintaining a commentary edge. And the desire to do that hasn’t gone anywhere.

What About You, EvilBob?

I’ve been getting paid for interactive story experiences.

Voyager: DMing. He means he’s DMing. He’s a DnD nerd.

INTERACTIVE STORY EXPERIENCES. And it’s a little bit more complicated than that. I try to tailor the experiences to my players and they pay money for it.

Voyager: He does make-believe for adults. I should know. I’m more of an adult than him and I’ve been in a few of his games. The most fun ones are the ones where he lets us just kinda go nuts. I’ve become a cosmic deity, like, four times. It was neat.

Please don’t tell them that.

Voyager: Lots of homebrewed stuff as well. Races, classes, rules. Also lots of references… if you’re into that sort of thing, I guess. I tend to just tune that part out. But I’m a jaded arse, so don’t listen to me. Listen to his floundering attempts at running professional games. Did you know he somehow got one greenlit that he pitched as totally random and not involving much prep at all? I know, right?

Please, please stop talking.

Voyager: What? I’m helping. Here’s the link. You can find it riiight [HERE].

Oh god no.

What Are You Up To, Tsukino?

Well, after working a full day with cute cats and dogs and their not-so-cute owners, I have to find the energy to ignore my own pets so I can focus on my own writing projects, apart from Burning Sky. One of the projects that I really want to focus on – the working title, anyway – is The Girl, The Cat, and the Seven Little Men. I want it to be like a children’s picture book. Then, after I finish the whole story, I can work on finding an artist who can work with me on it. If not, though, I can just do my own drawings since it’s for kids… and my husband. It would be dedicated to him.

Apart from focusing on my own writing projects, I’m also trying to focus on my personal life. So my husband and I – plus our little fur babies – are going to be moving (back) to Puerto Rico. My cat has traveled before. Not so much my dog. And he’s very anxious. So I’m curious how I’m going to handle my 52lb dog at the airport. But I’m excited to be closer to my family – by especially my mom – once we’re back. Love you, Mami!

How Do We Support Burning Sky, yo?

Patreon, yo. We rebuilt it from the ground up. Honestly, the page isn’t totally ready yet, and we’re still ironing out rewards and stuff. But donating to it or sending the link out to others who can would be a big help. The Patreon isn’t solely for Burning Sky, either. It’s for us as a whole. It’ll hopefully fund (or help to fund, at least) all of our projects. Sky, GLE, Bulletoon, etc. We have voice actors/actresses to pay, artwork to order, editors to hire, the works. Would be nice if the donations could reach the point where the money could help us eat. Of course getting that far is primarily contingent on the projects, themselves, doing well enough to draw in that kind of audience.

To that end, it’d also help if you’d circulate the actual projects – and the Patreon – as much as ya can. If you wanna do a review or feature or whatever on any of the projects (though that’s just GLE, right now), just to help out, go for it. Long as we get more eyes on our work, is all fair game. Also: If anyone wants to help us make and run a Discord Server, that’d be greeeat. Thanks for your time.

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