Sharlenne Tsukino

Sharlenne is a writer for the Galvanic team that arrived late and tends to go into hibernation every now and then. She tends to write list articles about anime and manga she personally loves with the hopes of getting others addicted to them. If possible she would like to make everyone she knows read/watch anything and everything she recommends. Forever and always.

When describing her there isn’t much to say. Just a young woman whose earliest memories are of playing Final Fantasy VII, watching Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Disney movies. Also, let’s not forget, who also loved to daydream about anything and everything. Especially about drama, romance with the occasional tragedy and adventure in lands far across from our realm of reality.

All in all, Sharlenne is a young woman with a big imagination and lots of frustration when writing it all down on paper. Which is why she tends to put up with both EvilBob and Voyage since they know how to give her the push she needs in the right direction. And also because Voyage needs at least one friend in life, haha! (Kidding!)

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Villain: Everyone in The League of Villains in Boku no Hero Academia, Scar from The Lion King, Izaya Orihara Durarara! and Hisoka HunterxHunter
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon
Favorite Anime Couple: Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball series and Kazehaza Shouta and Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke
Favorite Manga: Fruits Basket
Favorite Superhero: Any Robin, mostly excluding Damian, Hawkwoman
Favorite Antihero: Red Hood
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge/Under the Red Hood/Lucky Number Slevin
Favorite person in the world: MOM!