Burning Sky ADVENTURE – Cover Reveal

Dante’s ready for a Treasure Hunt in Burning Sky Adventure!

Burning Sky Adventure Promises A Vast Horizon

“I’m gonna find the greatest treasure of any Relic Hunter out there!”

Dante is not subtle. He doesn’t do quiet. Understatement isn’t in his vocabulary. This hotblooded hothead is boundlessly determined to achieve his dream. With a passion for adventure inspired by his old man, he’s set out with his canine companion (don’t you dare call her a “pet”). He’ll find his fortune and be the richest Relic Hunter in all of Alo – The Land of Treasures.

…If only he had even the slightest idea how to handle money…

Thankfully, his big break just might materialize when his big mouth gets him volunteered to check out a mysterious new ruin that’s emerged in the territories of three competing groups.

Well, as long as the food’s good… and these insane cultists also interested in the place don’t kill him first.

Next on the Burning Sky shortlist is our shoneniest shonen to ever shonen, BELIEVE IT! Burning Sky Adventure leans much harder into the prototypical shonen tropes than even its sister series, Burning Sky Heroes, in many respects. But it does so with a less serious approach and its tongue planted pretty firmly in its cheek. So it can laugh at itself and the tropes it’s using.

We knew what we were making and we had fun with it. That’s really the long and short of this one. Burning Sky Adventure is one of our favorites purely because we have a blast writing it. It’s quirky, unsubtle, high on energy and passion, and all the stuff we love about other shonen battle or adventure series. But who knows? Maybe that self-awareness can sneak its way into the story itself eventually and allow us to do some clever things with the writing… *ahem* Thanks for reading!

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