About Us

Galvanic Media is an Internet-based collaboration group that produces a variety of content for the consumption of the geek in us all. We write reviews, create the occasional webcomic, and produce web shows.

A lot of what we do is centered around anime. We do episodic seasonal anime reviews in series like Weekly Anime Redux, full-series reviews in Flash Anime-tion, and write a lot of opinion pieces on the topic, as well as other topics in Electric Editorials. All aimed at turning a real critical eye at whatever the subject is. But there’s also our catch-all series, Is It Evil? which is more focused on breaking down a series in full-recap form and gauging how enjoyable the net result is.

Our main web series is Bulletoon Weekly, which features the characters Rila and Riley – a pair of twins who love media of all kinds. The girls are voiced by the multitalented Mocha Vampire, as well as AxusX of astropill! With character designs by VSasha (Seasons 1 – 6) and MinimimiNeko (Seasons 7 – Current) and character sprites by hakei (Seasons 1 – 6) and Keichan411 (Seasons 7 – Current).

We also love video games and talk about them as often as we’re able through series like Scripted Gaming. We have a particular affinity for Overwatch and Pokemon and try to upload videos of the former as often as we can!

Be sure to find us across all our platforms & social media.

A special thanks to all of our amazing followers! Your caring what we have to say at all is really motivating and inspiring.

Keep up the Awesome!


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