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GalvanicTeam is an Internet-based collaboration group that produces a variety of content for the consumption of the geek in us all. We write reviews, editorials, and original content, as well as produce a regular web show in Bulletoon.

A lot of what we do is centered around anime. We’ve done seasonal episodic reviews and a number of full-series reviews. But, most famously, we’re behind a seasonal competition titled Anime TKO, pitting multiple shows against one another. Over time, the site has grown to gravitate towards more focused, refined content. To this end, newer breeds of full-series reviews and short editorial content, such as Bulletoon Chamber and Bulletoon Extra have come up. This alongside fun community projects such as I’m Curious!

Our main web series, simply titled Bulletoon, features the characters of Rila and Riley. The lively pair of twins love media of all kinds, but have a particular fondness for anime and use their platform to produce a series of short, easy-to-digest video essays on anime and anime storytelling. Though in the original run of the series – Bulletoon v1 – it was more of a hot topics news show, where the girls would discuss whatever stories took the geek world by storm in the previous week.

The girls are voiced by the multitalented Mocha Vampire, as well as Axus of astropill, with character designs by VSasha (Bulletoon v1) and MinimimiNeko (Bulletoon v2) and character sprites by hakei (Bulletoon v1) and Keichan411 (Bulletoon v2).

Be sure to find us across all our platforms & social media.

A special thanks to all of our amazing followers! Your caring what we have to say at all is really motivating and inspiring.

Keep up the Awesome!

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