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Burning Sky Prelude – Directory

The Remastered version of Burning Sky Prelude has come to an end. 10 Chapters, 48 Parts, 328 Pages. That’s quite a lot of reading! Rough to navigate if you don’t feel like hunting down each of the posts for each of the Chapter parts, right? Fear not! We have the answer! Behold! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer two ways to make your reading easier!

Burning Sky Prelude Remastered – Index

First, for anyone looking to just jump straight to the chapter of their choosing, we’ve added an index below! Broken up by chapter and part!


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Prelude Remastered – Collected Edition

For those of you that just want to be able to view the story in its entirety from one place, though, we’ve got you covered. Here we have a collected edition, just for you! Now you can read the entire thing on one page!

Be sure to Read Up on the rest of our Burning Sky series, right here on the site! Enjoy!