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My Original Web Novels – An Open Invitation

Time to get the community involved!

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Maria: The Upgrade Symphogear Needed (ft. MechanicalAnimeReviews)

It’s finally here! The welcome return of Symphogear as our featured anime in this year’s March of the Magical Girls! And this time we have a special guest! Stay Toon’d!

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Writers’ Room #5

It’s that time again, folks!

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Writers’ Room #4

Time for another foray into the minds of the Burning Sky writers! Let’s talk Chapter 6!

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Writer’s Room #2

This time it’s all about Chapter 4 as the most recent outing in the prologue to our little adventure epic introduced a major new character and expanded on some important character dynamics. So let’s get stuck into it.

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Writer’s Room #1

As promised, we’re going to be delivering our first Writer’s Room, this week.

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What’s Your Take On Anime-Original Endings? | I’m Curious!

Hoo boy. Here’s a loaded question if ever there was one.

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Guess What. Still Neat in 2020. | Real Neat Blog Award

Wait, what? What do you mean I got this in late December? Fake news!

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Another day, another group of awesome people putting together an awesome thing. Time for round 2! The second year of the WordPress Anime Awards! Go check out the original post to learn more!

Hello and welcome to the second annual WordPress Anime Awards! An awards ceremony created by fans for fans! Eleven of us have come together to bring you all our favorite anime nominations from 2019. I would like to thank Ty-chama, MechAnimeReviews, Matt Doyle, Karandi, Star & Luna, Jon Spencer Reviews, Lethargic Ramblings, Ano_Nora, Alexie the Great, […]

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When Was The First Time You Related? | I’m Curious!

Here’s an interesting question I have no perspective on, whatsoever!

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