New Challenger Approaching!

EvilBob is a writer/producer on, and co-founder of Galvanic Media. He writes the article recap series IS IT EVIL?  As well as the Weekly Evil series with his brother, Ry. He’s currently working on Burning Sky, as well as various other original projects. But he can’t talk about those. Otherwise, Voyager might fire him.

EvilBob grew up in the woods where he honed his sword skills against his brother. His constant adventures into mystical realms along with his brother’s surprise attacks fueled his imagination. Then one fateful day he was introduced to Star Wars and his entire world changed forever.  The mystical realms became planets to explore. Through all of this, he discovered a love for writing stories with a lot of action.

He’s a country boy who enjoys bad puns and video games. But he also enjoys writing more than playing games and talking to other people. He might just be a bit antisocial… making it ironic that he prefers to work collaboratively with other awesome people.  Regardless, He never writes bios in the third person. No, this isn’t him writing. This is someone completely different, with no relation to EvilBob, whatsoever.

And no he didn’t lose two TKO’s it was rigged.

Favorite Anime: Mahoutsukai No Yome
Favorite Videogame: Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4), Fire Emblem*
Favorite Superhero: Does Optimus Prime count?
Favorite Villain: Ganondorf or Dio Brando
Favorite Movie: Transformers The Movie 1986 / Bummble Bee
Favorite Anime Couple: Takagi and Nishikata from Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san.

Twitter: Theevilbob0