Burning Sky: Introducing Mei the Grinning Miko

Burning Sky BUSHIDO‘s cover reveal is just around the corner, so let’s get a little insight into its lead, Mei!

Mei is the main character of Burning Sky BUSHIDO – a whimsical, laidback, and whip-smart trickster who loves making people laugh. She’s one of the oldest characters in the series, in terms of creation. Yet she’s also one who’s managed to change relatively little from her original concept. Unlike the numerous iterations of Ike, over in Burning Sky HEROES, for example, I think we were just so in love with the original idea of her that we didn’t really feel the need to radically alter too much of her character. This is despite changing the story around her a lot from the initial plan.

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Burning Sky Mei Portrait

The journey to BUSHIDO is probably the most fascinating one in all of Burning Sky. In fact, in the earliest drafts, before the project was even this massive fantasy crossover, Mei wasn’t the main character of anything. She filled a supporting role amidst a group of characters who were an important part of a particular regional adventure. Then we decided we wanted to expand on the lore and role of that group of characters. Mei was the obvious choice for the lead. There was something about her that was uniquely “human,” when compared to the others.

Since we decided to make the story revolve around Mei, we fleshed out her backstory a tad, tweaked her dynamic among those who’d just become her supporting cast, and reset her… “starting position.” Poof. Now she’s a main character.

We’re not going to get into her character design here because it’s intentionally very basic. But I will say that Mei probably has one of the most interesting visual journies of a Burning Sky character. I’m pretty excited to see how she’ll wind up looking by the end. The entire project is fluid and characters do get significant visual updates. New clothes, new hairstyles, the works. By virtue of her being the most “plain,” Mei arguably has the most drastic visual changes ahead of her. So that’ll be fun.

Burning Sky BUSHIDO will debut alongside the other titles, later this year. Thanks for reading!

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