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Burning Sky HEROES – Cover Reveal+

We promised Burning Sky announcements soon. Behold, we’re here to deliver on that promise. The first of many to come.

Before we get into the reason for the season, so to speak, we have some preamble to get through. This isn’t just about the reveal of a Burning Sky cover. We have a few other announcements to make. Starting with…

The Return Of Ghost Light Exorcist And Others

For anyone who hasn’t noticed, Ghost Light Exorcist hasn’t been updated in a while. The reason for this is fairly basic, admittedly. No editor. Not to say that I’ve never had one. Actually, I’ve had one for quite a while. A splendid one, at that. However, they departed from the project to focus on other things, late last year. The last few chapters were uploaded in a semi-edited state just because I didn’t want to halt the series at the height of an arc. So I got that through. I would have continued, but I didn’t really have time to properly edit the story myself and, after the debacle that was Homebrew Heroes, I opted to just… not post anything until the site could provide me with a new editor.

Well, it took more time than anticipated, but I finally have a new one. Which is perfect because I think this next arc is going to be the one that sees the series really hitting its stride. But that’s all I’ll say about that. I’ve begun working on new chapters, with the first one likely coming out in a couple of weeks.

There’s also EXTRA/NORMAL, which I have been in the process of re-editing myself between other things. That series will, in fact, be getting republished here in the coming months, leading up to the first new chapters debuting when the site launches in what we’re hoping will be late summer.

Lastly, Bulletoon will return with a new season in the familiar format. I can’t place a timeframe on this because I’ve only just started writing it. This season won’t have a singular theme. But I can say that it will probably include episodes on Tomo-chan is a Girl, Pokemon, and maybe Spy x Family. I’ll hope these episodes will start to debut before the end of the Winter season, if only because I’d like to be delivering them while some of these shows are still hot. But we’ll see.

An Announcement Of An Announcement

There is something we’re currently working on in relation to Geek Machine. We’ve already announced that the new Geek Machine site is aiming for a summer launch. However, we still need to talk about monetization. We do have some decisions to discuss with you all on that front. However, that deserves its own post. So keep an eye out for something on that in the near future.

And Now For Our Feature Burning Sky Presentation…

Having watched his former apprentice come into her own, Baldrik Jaeger has left to atone for sins past. Itou Iri has brought a violent end to a would-be slave deal, stranding herself on enemy soil with her sister. Ike Harper has helped defend the capital city from a vicious Akuma attack, finally earning some respect as a promising young knight.

Three paths.

Three Heroes.

Three worlds that come together when Iri’s personal dealings bring her to the last place she wants to be – the capital. This Eastern femme fatal’s mission may just provide Baldrik with the redemption he’s looking for. But for Ike, it’s a question of whether he’ll remain loyal to the Templars, or forsake one oath for another.

Finally, we’re able to present to you the official cover art for Burning Sky HEROES.

It feels nice to finally be in the position to start showing these off. And there’s more where that comes from. As you’re hopefully aware, Burning Sky is a huge crossover project featuring a lot of separate titles that eventually come together into one massive story. It officially launches with seven stories, each with its own cover art by the always fantastic EUDETENIS.

As to the cadence of these updates, you can expect them monthly. The plan is for you to be able to expect a new Burning Sky cover reveal towards the end of each month. Then, shortly after the last one has made its debut, the new Geek Machine website will launch. That launch will coincide with the first chapters of each title. We’re entering exciting times, here. After so many delays, our little big project is almost there. Hope you’ll enjoy the ride. As for now, thanks for reading, as always.

Keep up the Awesome!

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