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Editorials on a variety of subjects. Not necessarily specific to anime, movies, games, or the like, and usually removed from reviews.

No, Alternative Media Is Not Creating A “Post-Literate Society” | Electric Editorial

All right. I think we all need to hear this.

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Reincarnation Endings May Be A Little TOO Romantic | Electric Editorial

One of this season’s biggest most hyped shows opens with the protagonist dying and being reincarnated into another world. But what about when a series decides to end this way?

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The “Happily Ever After” Stigma | Electric Editorial

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?
ALSO: This probably goes without saying, but… Here There Be Spoilers.

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To What Extent Is Suffering Necessary To A Character? | Electric Editorial

Spoiler Alert: The short answer is “there is no short answer.”

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What’s In A Good Anime Fight Scene? (Electric Editorial)

We all love a good fight scene. But what, exactly, constitutes a fight scene as “good”? It seems like a simple enough question, right?

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What’s The Difference? Junk Food, Guilty Pleasures, and Popcorn Entertainment

Get amped up for an Electric Editorial. To what measure is a Guilty Pleasure?

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