A wild Geek appears!

Comatose by day, aniblogger by night, and somehow finds time to be a content creator in-between, Voyager is a member of Galvanic Team. The editor and nominal leader of the site, Voyager brings his sarcastic wit and penchant for narrative artistry to his work with seasonal anime reviews and a recap series in Weekly Anime Redux. He’s the brain to EvilBob’s bumbling and the mind behind the Bulletoon series. Oh. And he’s the reigning champion of Anime TKO. But he’s not one to brag. No. Never.

A suburban boy with… selective taste in associates, Voyager grew up with more of an affinity for fiction than real life. Creating his first storybook at 8-years-old, to ask what he wanted to be when he grew up would yield any kind of response from Cartoonist to Comic Book artist. That is until he discovered his knack for writing, after a short story he wrote got the highest grade in the class… he subsequently discovered what it felt like to be praised. Now driven by an unbridled love of geek media and a massive sense of pride, he’s unlocked his inner Shounen Protagonist, pursuing the goal of ever improving his storytelling ability. But now without a master, he instead turns a keen analytical eye to the works of others in hopes of learning more, sharing his findings with the rest of the world.

Favorite Anime: Kill la Kill, Pokemon*
Favorite Videogame: Tales series, Pokemon*
Favorite Superhero: Captain America
Favorite Villain: Doctor Doom
Favorite Movie: The Iron Giant
Favorite Anime Couple: Touko & Yuu (Yagate Kimi ni Naru)