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JEAGER! Wait… wrong series. Uh… sorry.

You know, the funny thing is, I don’t even follow Attack on Titan. The OP is just amazing. Anyway! It’s been quite the journey, but Pacific Rim 2 finally has a trailer, and now it’s time to talk about it.

Well, right off the bat I can say one thing – the acting seems to have improved. Granted I don’t think most of the greatest offenders on that front are even in this movie. John Boyega looks like he’s going to bring it to the role as the front man the series should’ve had from the beginning.

Aside from that, I do like how they briefly incorporated the main Pacific Rim theme from the last movie. Love the first one or hate it, the music is recognizably simple. Not a masterpiece by any definition, but it fits the premise of the movie in tone. It’s giant robots… fighting giant monsters. It’s about as simple as it gets. So the simple theme really works for it.

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But talk about the other stuff that went on in the trailer. It looks like we’re going to be getting quite a lot of Jaeger v. Jaeger action, this time around. It was a dynamic not really explored much in the previous movie. Naturally, when you have giant robots, you wanna see what they can do to each other as well, right? Let’s just hope things stay simple, and they don’t try to overcomplicate the reasoning behind it. Most of it looked like a training exercise. But we did get a glimpse of a guy shooting a very normal-sized gun, which leads me to think there’s some internal conflict, going on.

Also, delivering on the promise of a recent announcement, Mako Mori is in this trailer… for a split second. Seriously. Blink and you miss her. Given the recent plot summary, there’s plenty of room for Mako to go in a more interesting direction than in the previous movie. There’s room for some good character interaction, given that Boyega is evidently playing her estranged adoptive brother.


There are plenty of other questions, of course. Do they really intend to allow a 15-year-old girl, hacker or not, to fight a bunch of building-sized monsters? Mech suit or not, that is someone’s child, dude. They also mentioned that the Kaiju were evolving. How, exactly? That’s a really interesting idea in some respects. Are they getting smarter, or are they just adapting to the Jaegers? And of course, there’s the burning question of what they’ve been feeding that colossal Kaiju towards the end of the trailer.

There are other cool little tidbits. One of the better things about the franchise is seeing the various unique weapons, wielded by the Jaegers. There looks to a lot more action, this time around. And the first film wasn’t exactly light on it. Then there’s the promise of the subplot revolving around the Chinese Jaeger program.

Hopefully, this movie will deliver. The previous one had enough fun in it to neutralize the sheer boringness of everything that had to do with the humans. Thus the movie wound up being mediocre, rather than bad. Maybe this will deliver some fun for us on both fronts, and we’ll have a really awesome summer-

*indistinct whispering*

Wait, what?

*indistinct whispering*

March? …oookay, a really fun spring popcorn flick, on our hands.

Pacific Rim Uprising stomps into theaters March 23, 2018

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