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Black Panther – Movie Review (Galvanic Cinema)

It’s good to be king.

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FullMetal Alchemist Live Action Film Announces Netflix Premiere Date

Not going to lie, I’m holding back my inner fanboy right now.

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Venom Set Photo Suggest Fusion of Eddie Brock’s and Flash Thompson’s Backstories? – Galvanic Cinema

So let’s begin with my initial reaction of “…huh?”

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Is The DCEU Getting a New Dark Knight? – Galvanic Cinema

With The Batman film pretty far from release, there are whispers that speak of a new Dark Knight. Continue reading

Justice League – Movie Review (Galvanic Cinema)

It’s all riding on this. It’s do or die time, DC. If this movie isn’t great, you’re probably not gonna live it down. Let’s do this.

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Will The X-Men be coming to the MCU? – Galvanic Cinema

Aha. And so the plot thickens.

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Dora the Explorer: Michael Bay’s Next Victim? – Galvanic Cinema

How many childhood memories can Michael Bay ruin?
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Storm Promises ‘Faithful’ Dark Phoenix Adaptation – Galvanic Cinema

Bob: HA. Oh, wait till Chris sees this.

Chris: Sees… what?

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Ned Leeds wants Venom for Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel – Galvanic Cinema

Bob: Well, looks like the twins already claimed most of the cool stories, today. Guess I’ll just talk about thi-

Chris: No.

Bob: But I-

Chris: No. Nuh-uh. Nope. Absolutely not. You are not talking about Spider-Man without me. Comics are my thing. Start the Tag Team.

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The Han Solo Movie Now Has An Official Title And Logo – Galvanic Cinema

The scruffy-looking nerf herder returns in a young Han Solo film.
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