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Flash Anime-tion – Atypical Eyeglasses Characters

In the past, characters that wore eyeglasses were often presented as smart, geeky know-it-alls, and maybe even pushovers, among other stereotypes. Nowadays that’s no longer the case, especially in anime. While in western culture those stereotypes might still be presented in some form, in anime it’s not as frequent anymore.

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Flash Anime-tion – Split Personalities

The anime world is filled with all kinds of characters. Some are always super positive, even though their lives haven’t been easy in any way, shape, or form. Some are naturally talented, and some are just perpetually grumpy. But what about split personalities? I don’t mean characters that have a whole other being inside them – Naruto, for example. No, this list will focus on those who, later in life, developed this other personality for whatever reason. Or those who were born with another personality.

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Flash Anime-tion – Four Leaders and Their Loyal Followers

In the anime world you can find different types of relationships that are highlighted. There can be the best friends relationships, or the older/younger siblings. There can also be the sensei and student dynamic that can shine, or the senpai and kouhai. These types of relationships, and seeing how they affect and shape the story, can help someone decide if they want to even read or watch the series. I know I personally tend to focus on characters and how they interact with one another when I decide if I want to continue with the story.

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Flash Anime-tion – 5 Awesome Anime Eye-Patch Characters

I think most people can agree that eyepatch-wearing characters tend to catch your attention, one way or another. You’re curious. After all, most of the time an eye-patch has a story. Maybe uncovering it will tell you more about the character, or connect to the main plot. And then there are the times where it just… doesn’t. Sometimes it can be as simple as a fashion statement.

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Flash Anime-tion – Five Sports Protagonists You Can’t Help But Cheer For

The thing about sports anime is that it isn’t for everyone. Some don’t like the idea of the story revolving around a sport, while others may just not like the sport itself. But you’re missing out! Some of the best stuff is in sports anime! Teamwork, bromance or just getting motivated to do better when you see the characters working hard towards their goal.

With sports anime there are plenty different types of protagonists: The cocky or arrogant prodigy, the loner who is just in the need of a good team, the completely oblivious to the whole sport in general, and many more. I, for one, am the type that have a hard time watching any anime if I can’t even like the main character. Especially in sports anime. So without further ado, these are five sports anime protagonists that will have you watching the whole series after seeing them in action.

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FA – Four protagonists who had to ‘step up their game’ or else, dun, dun, DUN!

The great thing about anime is being able to see all sorts of different quirky characters in amazing settings. Be it the troublemaker ninja that dreams of becoming Hokage, to the cry-baby girl who meets a talking black cat that changes her life forever, you can count on anime to have something for just about anyone. You can have very outgoing characters who never hesitate to jump into a dangerous situation or the coward character that would much rather run away when someone gives them the wrong look. At the end of the day the outgoing character and the coward can end up going down the same path without a second thought because they share a common goal. Which usually consists in the survival of themselves or someone they care about.

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