Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Empire of Slavery

I don’t care how many times I’ve watched it. This Arc always gets under my skin.

Clone Wars

This arc involves an entire planetary empire that runs the slave trade. And it’s all ruled by a queen who’s got a thing for Anakin. It’s kind of disturbing, to be honest, but it’s a solid arc.

New Faces

Darts D’Nar

Clone Wars

The first slave trading scum we encounter in this arc. To him this is just business he couldn’t care less about the lives he’s destroyed as long as it makes him money.


Clone Wars

The governor of the people who get enslaved. He got handed a raw deal. He’s people where neutral and decided not to fight the Separatists so they got sold into slavery instead. From what we know it seams like most of his people live through this ordeal but the ones who died because of it likely weigh on him.

Miraj Scintel

Clone Wars

The queen of the slave trading empire. She is the almost the worst. She takes Anakin as her personal slave cause she likes him and wants to break him. That last part is sort of a warning to the Jedi and revenge agasint what they did in The Old Republic era.


Clone Wars

The warden of the prison. He’s not the forgiving type. He has some slaves killed just to prove a point to Kenobi and uses them to keep him in line. Still not the worst though.

Atai Molec

Clone Wars

And here he is the absolute worst of the slave trading scum. This guy actually threatens Ahsoka at one point saying when she’s his slave he can do anything to her. She’s still a child mind you and even if she wasn’t this should be enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. This guy is also one of the reasons Dooku kills the queen, don’t you just love this guy?


Season 4 Episode 11

Clone Wars

The people of Kiros have decided to try and negotiate with Dooku and they get enslaved for their trouble. When the Republic arrives they are greeted by the Separatists instead leading to a game of find the bombs. They disable the bombs only to find the people are on another planet so they wasted time here trying to save them.

Season 4 Episode 12

Clone Wars

Anakin and company end up on Zygerria the slave trading capital of the Star Wars universe and they all get captured… Way to go guys. I mean it makes sense to save people in Star Wars you have to get captured or you’re not doing it right. Anakin somehow seduces the queen so she takes him to be her personal slave. She even makes him the offer to be her slave and she says something about freeing his friends if he does. Anakin of course has other plans.

Season 4 Episode 13

Clone Wars

Anakin manages to play slave long enough to see the queen get betrayed and killed by her own allies. After that Anakin and Ahsoka escape the planet but Obi-Wan is being held in a prison of world. Through some creative thinking they find Obi-Wan and save the survivors of Kiros.

Basic Character Analysis: Miraj Scintel

Regardless of how rotten she is I actually like her as a villain. She’s not as frightening as a force user but she commands enough power to keep a Jedi as a slave. And in a very small way shes charming. And that actually makes me feel sick.

Random Fun Fact: Slaves of The Republic

This arc is actually from The Clone Wars comic series.

MVP: Anakin

I have to give Anakin props for not going Dark Side here and killing every slave trader. We all knew he wanted to and he also had to put up with the queen.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

This part was just cool. Jumping out of a prison to a ship bellow it was just impressive to see happen.


Ah good that’s over. I think they covered everything relatively well as far as slavery in Star Wars goes. I just hope we don’t have to do this again. Anyway, till next time, Keep It Classy.

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