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Okay. There are two arcs here and one is really long. Get ready for a ride.

Clone Wars

First up is the return of Lux and he’s got a plan to kill Dooku. And after that Obi-Wan fakes his death to go undercover trying to stop an evil plot by the Separatists. Yeah, that’s the long one. I’ll be doing things a bit differently with these longer ones. The recaps of will be combined for each arc now with the episodes listed above them. I’m doing this to cut down on the pictures I have to get and so it’s not as disjointing to you as the readers.

New Faces

Rako Hardeen

Clone Wars

The guy who killed Obi-Wan. Also the guy Obi-Wan becomes for his mission.

Moralo Eval

Clone Wars

The mastermind of a sinister Separatists plot. He’s a pretty cool villain.


Clone Wars

Derrown might be one of the coolest bounty hunters in this show. He’s got the skills and the obscure racial traits to make him memorable.


Clone Wars

She’s a formidable bounty hunter and one of the few to survive the box.


Clone Wars

A bounty hunter that entered the box and didn’t come out.


Clone Wars

Another bounty hunter that didn’t make it. Sorry you’re not Greedo.


Clone Wars

Another Selkath bounty hunter. He also doesn’t make it out of the box.

Kiera Swan

Clone Wars

A legendary bounty hunter that couldn’t make it out of the box.


Season 4 Episode 14

Clone Wars

So we start off with more political talks, this time the Separatists are meeting Republic representatives on Mandalore. In the middle of these talks, Lux Bonteri shows up accusing Dooku of killing his mother. Dooku denies this, of course, but orders Lux to be executed as a traitor. Ahsoka rescues him a makes a break for Republic space where he would be safe. Lux has other plans though. He knocks Ahsoka out and goes to join up with the Death Watch. His plan is to give them Dooku’s coordinates and have them kill him. The plan backfires ad they have to escape but Lux gets away from Ahsoka again and this won’t be the last time we see him.

Season 4 Episodes 15 -18

Clone Wars

Okay, this is the long one. So, this arc starts off with Obi-Wan being killed by a random bounty hunter. It turns he faked his death and secretly takes the Bounty Hunter’s place in prison to get close to Moralo Eval in order to figure out what he’s planning for the Separatists. He manages to get inited to escape with Cad Bane and Eval and helps them get off-world with relative ease. They even try ditching him a few times but after he helps them get away from Anakin they let him come along for the assessment for the big job. Using the box Eval narrows out the hunters to a mere handful including the disguised Obi-Wan. The team lands on Nabo where it becomes clear what their objective is. Kill Palpatine. With Obi-Wan on then inside the plan degrades to nothing and Palpatine is saved.

Basic Character Analysis: Moralo Eval

Eval is a piece of work. He killed his mother at a young age because he was bored and seems to enjoy the criminal life a little too much. Aside from him being crazy, he’s an evil mastermind who stacks plans on top of plans just in case something goes wrong.

Random Fun Fact: Hardeen’s Helmet.

The helmet we see him use was one of the original designs for Boba’s helmet.

MVP: Obi-Wan

The dude had to play a bad guy good enough to stop the plan.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Anakin had been on a quest of revenge until Obi-Wan revealed himself. Him choking Anakin out was a plus.


And there you have it. My thoughts on these arcs and now I need to go rest my fingers. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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