Bulletoon Season 5 Preview! A New Themed Month?!

What do the girls have in store for when the show finally comes back in October? Stay Toon’d!

‘Sup, guys? So. You ready?
‘Cause Season 5 is on the way!
Eight shiny new episodes comin’ at’cha. And it all starts in Rila’s favorite month.
You… you mean October?
That’s what I said!
Well… she’s not exactly wrong. After all, next month is the time of goblins and ghosts. Werewolves and witches. You guys know what that means around here, don’tcha?
When summer wanes and daylight dies,
All Hallows’ Eve shall soon arrive.
And when at last they see their time,
It’s this month when the villains rise.
Stay Toooon’d…

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
also on AstroPill

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