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Summer Of Star Wars | Nobody Messes with Cad Bane

I’ve been waiting for this. Dear god, how I’ve been waiting for this.

Clone Wars

Okay, let’s get into some of the darker parts of this war now. And Cad Bane’s here so it’s cool.

New faces

Cad Bane

Clone Wars

I’m just gonna admit it. I’m a major Cad Bane fanboy. He’s the new number one bounty hunter since Jango lost his head and he gives no craps about killing people. If the money’s right, he’d probably even kill his own mother, for crying out loud. Oh, and the fact that he specializes in fighting Jedi is a plus. He fights more like a Mandolorian than most of the Mandolorians in this show. And don’t even get me started about his sense of style.

Todo 360

Clone Wars

Bane’s assistant droid. Bane pretty much just uses him as disposable labor and it’s kind of sad, to be honest. But there seems to be a limitless supply of these little guys.

Cato Parasitti

Clone Wars

She’s from a race we’ve seen before. Jango’s partner was the same species. But we finally get to see how useful their shape changing can be. She’s a competent enough bounty hunter to knock out a Jedi and stay hidden in their temple long enough for Bane to get what he needed.

Ord Enisence

Clone Wars

A dead Jedi. He’s only on this list because he’s used as a disguise. It’s interesting that the Jedi don’t seem to notice the switch until it’s too late. I wonder if this guy was even noticed by the others in the temple.

Bolla Ropal

Clone Wars

He’s a Jedi Master that guards the Kyber memory crystal. It’s an important item that holds that identities of all the force sensitive children that have and will ever exists at any given time. So yeah. Important dude.


Season 2 Episode 1

Clone Wars

Ahsoka gets grounded for something she did on Felucia. Her punishment is that she has to guard the Archives under Jocasta Nu. You know, the rude old lady from Attack of The Clones. She soon learns that she has to guard the Holocron Vault and that only Jedi Council members are allowed in. So she basically has to stand guard over one of the most secure locations in the galaxy. Enter Cad Bane. He’s been hired to steal a holocron and he has just the plan to do it. He successfully infiltrates the temple using Cato Parasitti as an inside agent. He even blows up Todo 360 as a distraction and manages to get away with a holocron.

Season 2 Episode 2

Clone Wars

Cad Bane is onto the next stage of his mission. He’s already captured Bolla Ropal and by extension the Kyber memory crystal. Bane is attempting to get Bolla to open it using torture but given the serious nature of the crystal’s contents, Bolla is being less than cooperative. Bane gets overzealous and kills Bolla during the torture but when Anakin and Ahsoka arrive on the scene he develops a new plan. He captures Ahsoka and forces Anakin to open the holocron. Of course, he barely escapes after that but he does get away with his prize again.

Season 2 Episode 3

Clone Wars

Cad Bane receives an new assignment. This time it’s to kidnap force sensative children and to bring them to Mustafar. The Jedi pick up on the plot and use the force to find some of his targets and eventually follow him back to Mustafar. There they stop whatever was about to happen but they find no clues as to who is behind all of it.

Basic Character Analysis: Cad Bane

Bane shows off just how cold he can be while kidnapping children. He even thought it was a little rash to do it but the money is good so he doesn’t really care. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up working with the First Order at some point, either, as he’s still not listed as dead.

Random Fun Fact: The Inquisitorius

This entire arc seems to revolve around The Inquisitorius Project. For those not familiar with that name it’s where we get the Inquisitors from. We even get an episode in Rebels where the Inquisitors do the same thing.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

This is such a power move. He beat Anakin and Ahsoka and somehow managed to get away with his life.

MVP: Cad Bane

Like it or not, he succeeded in every mission of this arc. Even when he got captured, he managed to escape from two Jedi Masters.


And that’s all I have on this arc. I hope my love for Cad Bane didn’t annoy you. That being said if I remember right this will the be the last time he succeeds this well. For awhile anyway. Welp, till next time, Keep It Classy.

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