Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Retaking Ryloth

It’s been a while since the Republic lost Ryloth. Let’s go free the tail-heads.

Clone Wars

This is a very different Ryloth. Most of the people have been rounded up to be use as cheap labor or human shields either way you look at it it’s not good. Luckily Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Mace freaking Windu are here to settle the score.

New Faces


Clone Wars

A little girl that some how escaped from the Separatist. And yes she is adorable.


Clone Wars

Standard clone but he seems to have a soft spot for children. Then again Jango did have a son… Maybe being fatherly is in their blood too? Yes, I do remember the clone coming up.


Clone Wars

Boil is cool I guess. I’ve gotta be honest, I forgot he even existed until I had to watch the episode again.


Season 1 Episode 19

Clone Wars

Ahsoka gets her own squad and is entrusted to take out the space fleet orbiting Ryloth. And she gets her tail handed to her almost immediately. She had a lesson to learn and she had to lose most of her squad to do it. Anakin get’s her to back him up and with a unusual tactic they break through the fleet.

Season 1 Episode 20

Clone Wars

Obi-Wan is up next and he’s tasked with establishing a beachhead for the main forces. And that quickly changes to taking down some big honking space guns first. And he gets help from a very unlikely source Numa. I kid you not Numa actually leads them to some tunnels and they use those to take out the guns and save the civilians being used as shields.

Season 1 Episode 21

Clone Wars

Mace Windu leads the charge on the capital. It’s no easy task as the only way in is a force field bridge that can be deactivated at will. Mace also faces the reality that he might need more men so he goes to asks Cham Syndulla for help. Now Cham isn’t exactly wanting to join up given what happened to the last Repulic forces he was with but Mace gets him to join. One they form a plan getting in and winning the planet happens rather quickly.

Basic Character Analysis: Mace Windu

He’s the no nonsense Jedi master with a cool purple light saber. It’s no joke when Mace enters the fray seeing how he’s one of the best duelist the Jedi have on their side. The Separatist know when Mace is on the scene the party is officially over.

Random Fun Fact: Numa

This is not the last time we see Numa. She appears in Star Wars Rebels as well as a freedom fighter along side Cham.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

He just got into the city and he’s got this face. He is through with this crap.

MVP: Numa

This one little girl is responsible for the Republic winning this battle. Sure they might’ve found the tunnels on their own but they likely would’ve been fighting a much longer battle.


And that’s that. I really enjoy this arc every time I re-watch it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on these episodes. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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