Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Enter the Bounty Hunters

Pirates vs. Bounty Hunters. What’s not to like?

Clone Wars

Hando’s crew bites off a bit more then they can chew and it’s glorious. Of course he wasn’t planning on fighting Bounty Hunters of Jedi so they did catch him off guard.

New Faces


Clone Wars

Sugi is a pretty awesome bounty hunter trying to help some people in need. I think she’s lucky a pair of jedi came when they did though.


Clone Wars

Another Bounty Hunter with a cool hat. This guy is a terror even foe a Jedi to face.

Rumi Paramita

Clone Wars

She’s cool I guess… She also dies this episode but you wouldn’t know that if Dave Filoni hadn’t confirmed it.


Clone Wars

This guy wears freaking power armor to hide his small size. That is the very differentiation of compensating for something.


Season 2 Episode 17

Clone Wars

This starts off with Obi-Wan Anakin and Ahsoka crashing a ship on Felucia. They then search for a ship and end up finding a small farming village and meeting a cool group of Bounty Hunters. After getting to know the villager’s predicament Hondo’s pirates show up and he tries to pay off the Bounty Hunters and make nice with the Jedi. He fails in every way and leaves. The Jedi and the Bounty Hunters decide to teach the villagers how to fight and Hondo returns only to get bested by them. The Bounty Hunters take the Jedi home.

Basic Character Analysis: Sugi

Sugi is an honorable Bounty Hunter. We never actually see her go agasint the republic or threaten innocent people and that says a lot about her in a galaxy where it’s more lucrative to take missions from shadier individuals. We do see her take on a security role for the Hutts later on but that’s all she does for them.

Random Fun Fact: Embo after the Clone Wars.

Embo actually lives through the clones and The Galactic Civil War and retires to become a farmer on Felucia. I guess he liked it since his first visit.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

It looks like something from out of a Kuhn-Fu movie of course I’m gonna love it.

MVP: Embo

I can’t help it. He is a space monk with a cool hat that can be used to fight.


Yeah, this episode is cool. That four episodes in a row introducing us to some cool Bounty Hunters. Next time will be something fun. I hope you like Kaiju. Anayway, That’s all I have to say. Until next time, Keep it Classy.

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