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Finally some depth. But is it enough? How Evil is the fourth episode of Conception?

Studio: GONZO
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Romance

I’m going to be ignoring most of the stuff that Mana is involved in. Maybe if I never mention it, he will die a slow painful death and nobody will know. At least that what I hope happens. The cruel reality is that I think this show is stuck with that perverted coon and it’s a shame because it has some moments that feel like it’s starting to grow a heart. This just happens to be one of those times. But it gets ruined by the writers thinking they’re funny.

This time we got two more maidens – Yuzuha and Arie. Yuzuha is a shy artist with a really terrible, life-threating condition while Arie is a priestess. Through a string of events I can’t be bothered to describe, Itsuki ends up in the church that Arie serves at. He leaves pretty quickly to get out of her way when she’s taking care of the children in her care. Hungry, Itsuki tries to grab something for lunch and bumps into Yuzuha in the process. She’s a little weird. She seemed like she was scared of Itsuki, so he decided to bring her some food because he saw she didn’t get any. With him visiting her house, she becomes friendly enough to go on a date in the park and she even brought her coffin.


Yeah, she carried a coffin on her back to the park. I’m still trying to figure out how she got that thing out of her house in the first place. As I said, Yuzuha is a weird one. But there’s a reason she’s like this. She has a condition that could kill her any time she falls asleep. So one morning she just won’t wake up. Now I have all kinds of questions about why she was chosen as a maiden. Just seems a little dumb that she was chosen by fate to save the world when she can die literally anytime.

Anyway, they explained the reason Yuzuha carries a coffin by using Arie as our history teacher. She explains a lot about Yuzuha. I guess being a priestess has its perks. Now, the reason Yuzuha carries a coffin is a little sad, actually. It’s so she doesn’t burden people when she dies.


With this new information, Itsuki doubles his efforts to get to know Yuzuha. I’m curious if they’re going to find a cure for her condition before this is over though. It’d be pretty stupid if he only cares about getting a star child out of her, then just lets her die. He did win her over enough for that to happen too.

After creating a new star child with Yuzuha, Itsuki sets off to thank Arie for her help. Mana gives him a present to give her and he doesn’t even check to make sure it’s normal. That was his first mistake. When he arrives at the church, he catches Arie coming out of a secret room. That was his second mistake. Itsuki then hands the gift to her and, well… things take a turn for the worse.


Overall, I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Career Criminal (3). If you get the time check out my recaps for Akanesasu Shoujo. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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