Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Pantoran Troubles

The Pantoran’s are in trouble again but this time it’s the Separatists.

Clone Wars

This time the Pantoran’s are the ones under attack and this arc is has them playing the role of victims. But unlike most victims they have teeth. In fact the Pantorans might be a little too proactive in getting the kidnapped victims back.

New Faces

Baron Papanoida

Clone Wars

Like his predecessor, he’s a man of action but he’s not a jerk about it. This guy acts on his own to save his daughters but he’s very diplomatic in the way he goes about it.

Chi Eekway Papanoida

Clone Wars

Seems like more timid than her sister but that’s not a bad thing. We do know she survives the Clone Wars so it’s all good.

Che Amanwe Papanoida

Clone Wars

I think she might be the older sister. The way she protected her sister seemed like big sis stuff.

Ion Papanoida

Clone Wars

A man of action like his father although he’s way less experienced and it shows.


Season 3 Episode 4

Clone Wars

The Separatists want Pantora to join them so they kidnap Baron Papanoida’s daughters to try and force him to cooperate. Ahsoka and Chuchi are sent to deal with the problem but Baron Papanoida isn’t content with staying put and waiting for a resolution. Taking matters into his own hands he follows his leads to Greedo on Tatooine. While Ahsoka and Chuchi try the less direct approach. And each group ends up rescuing a daughter each and ending the blockade.

Basic Character Analysis: Baron Papanoida

This guy is just awesome okay. He is told to stay put and to let the authorities handle finding his daughters but he has other plans. He actually tracks down the ones responsible and does end up finding his daughters in the end. This guy might be the best dad in Star Wars.

Random Fun Fact: Pantora During the Empire “Legends”

It seems we don’t know what happens in the official cannon once the empire takes over but in legends Pantora was cut off and the people divided into three factions. Obliviously not the worst fate for them.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

The dude and his son took down a group of bounty hunters twice in a single episode. This one’s just my favorite cause they held Greedo hostage.

MVP: Baron Papanoida

Do I need to say more about this dude?


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