Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | The Attack on Kamino

The Separatists finally have the guts and plan to attack Kamino.

Clone Wars

It might only be a single episode but it’s one of the most brutal in the entire show. And it’s the first to be censored by Cartoon network.

New Faces

No one new to be worried about this time. get ready for this to happen a lot more until later seasons.


Season 3 Episode 2

Clone Wars

So, the Republic intercept a transmission between Grievous and Ventress about a planned assault on Kamino. Of course, the Republic ain’t letting that fly so they put up a blockade and defeat the incoming ships before they can do any real damage. Just as the Separatists planned. The real assault comes from the wreckage of the destroyed ships in an assault from the sea. With the attack coming from two sides the Republic forces have been outmaneuvered and Ventress makes her way to their true target. Anakin manages to stop her but just barely. With their operation blown, the Separatists retreat empty-handed.

Basic Character Re-Analysis: Ventress

Okay, so I’ve done this with her before, but she’s grown since we first saw her. Here she almost gets the DNA that she’s after and mows down a lot of troopers, including Arc troopers. She even goes toe-to-toe with Anakin and comes even closer to defeating him than she did last time. Now I know she still lost, but just look at how far she’s come.

Random Fun Fact: Kamino’s Fate

Kamino is seemingly missing after the Empire rises. We do know that the cloning facilities are shut down but nothing else. It’s like it no longer exists. So for now it’s fate is a mystery.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

The Cadets were used to out flank the droids and none of them died. Chalk this win up to the kiddos.

MVPs: Echo and Fives

Clone Wars

They are the main clones focused on in this episode and they do both become arc troopers.


This one is mostly action so of course this was shorter than usual. The next one should be a bit longer given it’s political themes. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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