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An Amped Up Anniversary! Celebrating 4 Years of Energetic Entertainment

Phew! It’s been quite a ride, thus far, yeah? And we have zero intention of stopping anytime soon. Indeed, we’re just getting started.

Hey there, Hi, Hello!

So. I didn’t really make much of it during the actual date, but February 29th was actually the anniversary of our little corner of the internet! And I figure we shouldn’t just let that slide by without some form of commemoration. Indeed, we did do something special with that time. Not only did a brand new episode of Bulletoon premiere (albeit that wasn’t originally the plan), but we also released the first chapter of our adventure epic web novel, Burning Sky (which I heavily advise you read, ahem)! Suffice it to say, the day was actually pretty packed for content.

Now, of course, there’s definitely the question of whether we’ll be doing anything else for the occasion. And we don’t really have any further plans. In truth, the release of Burning Sky was our sorta-kinda anniversary special. Consider it a means of us celebrating the past with a promise of more great stuff to come in the future. It was a really exciting thing for us. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys think of the series, going forward! Should be a great time!

But that can’t be all, right? Well, I can honestly say there’s nothing else new in the pipeline, currently. Obviously, there’s quite a lot on our plate as it is. As we go on, we’ve kind of settled into what we think is our rhythm. Bulletoon and Burning Sky are where most of our attention has to go, with things like Anime Burst and Anime TKO to sort of fill space and keep you guys going while waiting for the main events. And we’ve had a ton of fun, that way! I mean, look as what we’ve got done, already.

In the last year, Bulletoon went through a nice little overhaul. We transitioned the show to a more anime-centric direction that we (and, evidently, a lot of other people) are really happy with.

We wrote a freaking book. And now you guys are getting to see the fruits of our labor as chapter come out, every two weeks!

We watched Anime TKO grow and evolve into what it is now – an incredibly entertaining series for us, as much as I hope it is for you guys.

Oh. And, obviously, the site, itself, went through a huge revamp. One we’re incredibly proud of and like how it turned out.

What else? Well, I’ve personally started to dip a bit more into the community side of things. I’m… socially awkward and a bit of a mess, so be patient with me. But I’ve managed to meet people in this little internet space that I enjoy talking to. And I think that’s really helped the site in a lot of ways. We’ll continue to participate more in community events and stuff as they come up and we’re made aware of them. It’s fun!

I also started the I’m Curious! series to get people talking. And it worked! Some really great conversations have come of it!

And all that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m really proud of how far the site’s come and really looking forward to where it has left to go. It’s been a great ride, so far, and I’m here for the long haul. I suppose if you have any questions you’d want to submit, I can do a sort of mini Q&A post later. Would you guys be up for that? Drop a comment below if so!

The only thing I really have left to say is Thank You. For sticking with us, despite a few hiccups, for four fantastic years. And here’s to many, many more! I’m sure you’ve heard me say this enough, but you guys are awesome. So Keep It Ip!

Take Care!


  1. What a huge feat, congratulations for that! I’ve always wanted to ask, other than the joy of blogging and a platform to expose your writing, what’s the next best thing you’ve gotten from your website these past 4 years?

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