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A long chat with dark implications

My Hero Academia (Season 4)
Boku no Hero Academia (Season 4)
Studio(s): Bones
Genre(s): ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

My Hero Academia

This was a fairly tame episode. This season seems to be big on talky ones, so far. But I don’t mind. Some of my favorite times in any Shounen are when characters are just… talking. Provided they’re not expositing all over an actual fight, of course. But those quiet moments can reveal or reinforce character really well. Such is the case with Mirio and Deku’s reactions to what they learn about Eri.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

My Hero Academia

It’s tough since the episode was basically just one long conversation, really. But I actually wanna give a shout to the stinger at the end. It said so much for containing so little.

Favorite Line
My Hero Academia

“I’ll say this to give you some peace of mind. The hand you missed grabbing onto didn’t necessarily mean despair for Eri.”

Aizawa really is the best teacher. He’s tough, but sincere and pretty well balances the two sides. Never allowing one to overshadow the other too much. He’s good at reassuring his troubled students, as well as bluntly reminding them of their world’s reality in a way that isn’t overly jaded (Kirisu…) and further emphasizing that there’s still hope. Which is all this series – indeed, Deku’s entire goal as a character – ultimately boils down to.

MVP: Aizawa

My Hero Academia

Dude’s entire interaction with the students – but specifically Deku – was excellent. I really liked this whole exchange. Seriously.

My Hero Academia

Bit of a random reference, but okay.

And that’s that. Looks like things are about to get really cooking in the next episode. What do you think of Nighteye’s refusal to use his quirk, here? Logical or overly impassioned for the situation? Let me know, down below, and be sure to check out EvilBob’s coverage of No Guns Life.

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    1. Voyager

      Yeah, I can definitely see it. On top of that, there’s there 24-hour thing. If he has to wait 24 hours between each use and they really have to use it on every hero until they get the lead they want, it could be *days* before they find the lead they’re looking for. In which time a number of factors could change and it also may just be too late. It’s not really much of a plan, even without the emotional ramifications.

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