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Oh my god, so cute I’m gonna die!

We Never Learn!
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!
Studio(s): SilverArvo Animation
Genre(s): HaremComedyRomanceSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

We Never Learn

Okay, that’s it. This is a Rizu season. And I am perfectly okay with that. (Uruka’s still Best Girl, tho. Praise be to the Genki Goddess).

Favorite Sequence or Scene

We Never Learn

I just love Sekijo and Nariyuki’s near competition of overly-considerate (and therefor ironically inconsiderate) behavior. Not gonna lie. It legit made me laugh aloud. That is hard to do.

Favorite Line
We Never Learn

“I want to know more. About people’s feelings… about my own feelings.”

This. This whole bit with Rizu was just… such sweet character development. I was honestly kind of surprised by the answer, in a way. I didn’t expect her to have come so far so quickly.

MVP: Rizu

We Never Learn

This girl is far too adorable and wholesome for this world. She’s just so unyieldingly pure, it’s a delight.


We Never Learn

Well, that was easy. What do you think? Is Rizu creeping closer to being Best Girl or is Uruka still Queen? Let me know, down below, and don’t forget to check out EvilBob’s coverage of No Guns Life.

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