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Finally time for Red Riot to get some shine.

My Hero Academia (Season 4)
Boku no Hero Academia (Season 4)
Studio(s): Bones
Genre(s): ActionComedySuper PowerSchoolShounen

Quick Thoughts

My Hero Academia

‘Ey! About time Kirishima got to actually… you know… do something. I’ve always liked him, so it was a major FeelsBadMan that he’s almost never relevant. Though his friendship with Bakugo is nice and… really surprisingly wholesome, given that it’s… you know… Bakugo.

Favorite Sequence or Scene

My Hero Academia

I mean… duh. Also – Yeesh. Hardening turns you into some kind of land shark, now?

Favorite Line

My Hero Academia


It can be pretty easy to forget that Bakugo isn’t a complete arse and has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Aggressive though he might be about it, he is capable of supporting others and does often times have a point in some fashion.

MVP: Kirishima

My Hero Academia

It’s his episode. Let him have his time in the sun. Though I can’t recall what the deal is with him and Mina. Even so, giving him some character development and teasing further character work, however minor, is indeed appreciated. Like I said, he’s a fun one and it’s nice letting him have the spotlight, every now and then.


My Hero Academia

And that’s it for this one. On to the next! What do you think of Kirishima? He seems like a pretty stand-up guy and I like that the story’s actually made a point of his existence in the background, up ’til now. But what about you? Comment below, let me know! Also, be sure to check out our latest Site Update.

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