Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion Episode 9 Recap | Is It Evil?

The castle still stands and someone’s losing a head next episode. How Evil is the ninth episode of Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion?

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion
Studio: NAZ
Genre: Historical, Drama, Action,

Looks like the war part of this show is back in force. Kuchii and company actually managed to force the Mongols to back off. That’s all I’ll say, for now. This episode picked up right after the last one. Like, maybe an hour before Mongols arrive at the castle. Kuchii somehow managed to map the entire thing like he did before, in the capital. It’s always impressive how accurate he is with his maps.

Using Kuchii’s map, the battle positions are decided. The traitor goes to a side that shouldn’t see much action while Kuchii opts to be outside of the walls. After the battle plans are decided, we get put right into the Mongols first wave. This is when the Mongols learn to fear camping snipers, who attack them from trees. When the Mongols finally realize what’s happening, they get attacked from behind by Kuchii, who’s also sniping.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

The Islanders appear to be winning after the first wave ends, but that doesn’t last long. The traitor from the last episode rears his ugly head and allows his new allies to march into the castle unprovoked. With the easy route open to them, nothing can stop this small group from doing what they came to do.

Unfortunately for the Mongols, the guy in charge of the castle already expected something like this might happen and set a trap accordingly. The Invading Mongols got roasted in some sort of fire trap. Though one of them did get out to warn his allies. This is followed quickly by the defenders returning to their post with Teruhi, who delivered a threating promise to the remaining Mongols.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Add Kuchii’s reckless charge at the general into that mix and do you know what you get? A Mongol retreat. In the post-battle briefing, I guess that’s what that was. Kuchii and the commander of the castle talk about the events that transpired during the battle. Which leads to Kuchii going to check out where the Mongols entered, only to find out that one man survived.

The traitor is surprisingly still alive after failing the Mongols. And it seems he has been given a suicide mission this time. You see, the Mongols have tasked him with getting Kuchii’s head to atone for his failure. So, get a good long look at this guy. Pretty sure we all know what’s going to happen to him.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Sorry, if this seems shorter than usual. This was a super straightforward episode. Overall I’d say this episode is about as Evil as a Killer Robot Army (8). When this show has action, it’s really enjoyable. If you’re looking for something else check out CVoyage’s latest Weekly Anime Redux article. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion Simulcast on Crunchyroll,  Tuesdays 1:30pm EDT

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2 thoughts on “Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion Episode 9 Recap | Is It Evil?

  1. Karandi

    This definitely was a step up compared to the midseason and it was definitely this return to a focus on action that helped the show along. That’s probably because too little has been done with the characters or really anything else so the action is what is holding this together.

    1. theevilbob

      Yeah well, I wasn’t expecting much from this one. At least it’s entertaining and with two not-so-enjoyable anime so far I need this one.


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