Gears of War 5

E3 2018 | Microsoft Reveals Gears of War 5

Gears of War 5 is coming in 2019… That’s all the article is finished.

Except this is a job… Gears of War has been a solid series. That being said it is a shooter series with lots of gunfights some interesting characters and setting with an almost generic formula to the gameplay. It’s not bad as far as an action series goes and it seems they are trying to improve the story. But the trailer showed almost nothing that hasn’t been done by this series before.

People are already talking about the story being linear but isn’t that one of the things expected of this series? This series has been around for a while back during the 360 days of Microsoft it was one of the series that people got an Xbox for. Gears of War 4 got mostly positive┬áreviews so there is little doubt that the fan base is looking forward to this game as well. Let’s hope that this game can live up to the hype for them.

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