E3 2018 | Microsoft Reveals Devil May Cry 5 Revealed

Dante and Nero are back without all that reboot nonsense.

Okay, let’s get one thing straight the guy with the metal arm isn’t Dante that’s Nero. Nero first showed up in Devil May Cry 4 that came out before that god-awful remake so just chill. Not a lot of the new game was shown but Nero appears to have a lot of uses for his new arm. And knowing this series we aren’t even seeing half of its applications.

The thing is this is a hack n slash series, Nero seems to have a hook shot in his new arm that could help him cover a lot of ground fast which begs the question is this an open world game or is it still hack n slash? It would be nice to see the series is still evolving while maintaining its identity. It’ll come out Spring 2019 There should be more information to go on way before then.

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