Is It Evil? – COD Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty – A game series known for its… well, there is no nice way of saying this, its mediocre stories, and passable gameplay. Luckily for it, I just want to know one thing. How Evil is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?

Summary time! This should be relatively easy, right? To make this a little easier I’ll just cover the campaign of this game, and not the zombies or other multiplayer modes.
The campaign starts off with a prologue that begins with a longwinded explanation of the SDF this game’s “bad guys.” The playable prologue teaches you one thing. The SDF is evil, and they want to wipe out Earth. Well. That was easy. There are some problems there, but we’ll come back to that, later. After the prologue, the game cuts to a briefing on Earth, revealing the prologue to have been a video from the 18 hours prior.  After talking to the Admiral, you attend the Fleet Week parade. The parade ends abruptly when Earth’s Anti-Spaceship guns fire on the Earth ships. While the ships are falling from the sky, you must take back the guns while the SDF fleet arrives, dropping of troops to take Earth.

After taking the guns back, the SDF fleet retreats to space, followed by the ten surviving Earth ships. After seemingly wiping out the SDF fleet, a wild SDF Super Destroyer appears and, well… destroys stuff. Once it’s destroyed all but two Earth ships, the Super Carrier retreats. Upon boarding your ship, you find out you are now the captain, and you have to go defend the moon, which is under attack by an SDF destroyer. You take the moon, and get to go on various side mission to gain new weapons and technology to aid in the main mission. “Do all of those.”

The next big mission is to attack the SDF fuel supply. Not going to lie, this mission was fun. You infiltrate enemy territory with your favorite sniper weapon. You then call in reinforcements, which includes a mech that can obliterate anything in your path. After that you charge an enemy base in hopes of taking out the fuel supply on foot. This… doesn’t go as planned. The Super Destroyer arrives, and messes up the plan. The mission shifts from ground to air, letting you destroy the fuel lines… Star Wars style. On the way, back to the ship, you get shot down and drift into space without oxygen.


Just kidding. Well… I’m not, but it doesn’t end there. You get rescued by the other Earth ship. After recovering, you head to an asteroid that is flying into the sun. So you know. All kinds of fun here. Oh, there are hacked security bots. A lot of them. I hate this mission with a passion, if you couldn’t tell. My second favorite character, Omar, dies at the end of the mission. My favorite character is Salter so… yeah. After that dreary mission comes Operation Black Flag.

This is my personal favorite mission in the game. You head back to earth to trap the SDF fleet, and to basically even out the war. But you know the old adage. No plan survives contact with the enemy. Of course the Super Destroyer comes to Earth, anyway. You take the Super Destroyer for yourself. Guess who’s in trouble now. You promptly take a field trip to the SDF home world, Mars. You get to try destroying them with their own ship. It looks like the 4th of July, every time I play this part. Right when it looks like you’re going to get that last ship, the weapons go offline. Then the Super Destroyer and your ship crash on Mars. You lick your wounds, gear up with your crew for a suicide mission to take out the SDF shipyard that’s in orbit. This part wishes it could be the suicide mission from Mass Effect 2. So much. The mission results in your death, and the death of most of your crew, with only 4 survivors.

My fingers are numb now. The story, though still mediocre, was a lot better than I was expecting. After playing Black Ops 3, I was weary of this one. But it was by far a better experience than the former. The gameplay was the same as always, but at least it was consistent. But then… then there were all the deaths. I know that the MC seldom has a happy ending in COD, but still. Most of the deaths were meaningless, and Omar’s should’ve been preventable. Finally, the SDF’s motivations… What are they? I have played this game at least 20 times, trying to figure out their motivations. What did I find? The answer is really quite simple. They don’t exist.

All in all, this game’s about Henchman level. Thanks for letting me waste your time, as usual, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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