Is It Evil? – The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season a time where even some of the jerkiest of people act decent to one another. And others, well… How Evil is The Holiday Season?

Okay, I’ll admit, this is more for fun than anything. Plus, I kind of missed Tuesday’s post. Sorry about that.  Anyway, the holidays are when everyone supposedly acts decently… unless your shopping, of course. Many people spread the joy of the season by exchanging gifts, spending time with family, and doing nice things for people they don’t even know. Even after such a trying election season, the holidays are unscathed.

I like the random acts of kindness. People going out of their way to make someone else happy, even if it’s a stranger. It’s the type of thing that can restore one’s faith in humanity. Before the holidays end, and so many people go back to normal that is. Then there’s the food. Okay, this one is given. Or I might like food a little too much, seeing as I am overweight, but holiday food is amazing. And then, of course, there is nothing like spending time with those who love you.

But… it isn’t all joy to the world and goodwill to all mankind. Everything has a sales gimmick. It seems at times people care more about stuff than they do each other… *intensely side-eyes Black Friday*. Then there are the holiday decorations for sale, way ahead of time. I’ve seen Easter decorations right after Christmas. And Christmas decorations before Halloween. That’s… a little silly, guys. A lot silly.

Overall, though, I ‘d say the Holiday Season is a solid Villain. Not perfect, but close. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time people.

Keep The Holidays Classy,
Evil Bob

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