Is It Evil? – Star Wars Rebels Season 1

Star Wars Rebels is the thread that connects the dreadful prequel trilogy to the original. Meant to showcase the formation of the Rebel Alliance as well as filling in part of the significant twenty year gap. But there is only one thing I want to know…
How Evil Is Season 1? Is it with the Dark Side, or will it join the Light?

I’ll just begin by saying the first season starts off slow. Considerably slow. Its not until episode 11, when Tarkin shows up, that things get challenging for the heroes. Those last three episodes are amazing. Okay… time to talk about the other episodes.

Episode 1 is a strong introduction to the series. We meet all the main characters and get to watch them succeed against the Empire and the main character is supposedly going to be trained in the force. All good.

In episode 2, the Jedi of the group hasn’t started training the main character yet. In fact, the training begins on episode 3 instead. I’m not sure why they did this and truthfully this episode is more filler than anything. I’m not saying the episode is bad, as it is still a fun episode, but…

Episode 5 is the audience’s first clue of a larger rebel movement when we are introduced to agent Fulcrum. This “agent” gives the crew valuable intel on the empire, allowing them to successfully strike. Too bad the intel has been faulty lately, leading up to some shenanigans.

Episodes 6 and 7 see the main Jedi start teaching the protagonist how to connect with other life forms through the force, which is basically mind trick for animals. Conveniently enough, the last episode had the perfect animals to recruit against a certain bad guy. So yeah, killer carnivorous army for-the-win as the protagonist goes a little dark side and faints…

In episode 9 Lando shows up… Yeah the team hates him afterwards. Lando owes the captain a favor, though, so there’s that.

In episode 10 a “good” politician shows up, claiming to want to help the rebels. Surprise!


With his defeat the cavalry gets called in, and its name… is Tarkin.

In episodes 11 through 13, Tarkin cleans house, killing his men that have failed as an example to others, and he manages to capture the rebels’ Jedi master. The rebels manage to rescue him and destroy Tarkin’s star destroyer, along with the inquisitor in the process. Everything seems good. No way it could get worse, right?


Oh god, they’re so dead.

That’s the whole of season 1, summed up. If you want to know more, watch the show. Speaking of the show I would rank it about as evil as a Politician. Anyway, Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,

Evil Bob

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