Want an Early-Bird Preview of Project Academia? — Voyager

Decided to open the doors to Early-Bird readers of PROJECT ACADEMIA on my own blog. Read the full post to learn more about that!

While I may be approaching PROJECT ACADEMIA with a bit more of a casual attitude in terms of the process, I still want to extend it some level of luxuries enjoyed by our bigger projects.

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Meet the Lead – PROJECT ACADEMIA — Voyager

With my solo web-novel project coming along nicely, I recently got some artwork for it, so I decided to have a little fun with it and tease a little bit about the main character. Check out the full post on my personal blog for the details!

Wouldn’t you like to know more about the tentatively titled PROJECT ACADEMIA? Well, here’s your first look at what to expect. A look at our protagonist – Mio.

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The Second Annual WordPress Anime Awards Have Arrived! — KAWAIIPAPERPANDAS

Another day, another group of awesome people putting together an awesome thing. Time for round 2! The second year of the WordPress Anime Awards! Go check out the original post to learn more!

Hello and welcome to the second annual WordPress Anime Awards! An awards ceremony created by fans for fans! Eleven of us have come together to bring you all our favorite anime nominations from 2019. I would like to thank Ty-chama, MechAnimeReviews, Matt Doyle, Karandi, Star & Luna, Jon Spencer Reviews, Lethargic Ramblings, Ano_Nora, Alexie the Great, […]

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Voyager’s Changing Some Things

I’ve done some thinking, and I believe it’s time I started doing things a bit differently, now.

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Just thought I’d share this here after posting the journal late, last night, on my personal blog. Long story short, I’m gonna back off of weekly reviewing for a while. Barring Anime TKO, anyway. It’s just not the kind of stuff I really wanna be making. Maybe now I can get back to watching things purely because I want to, not worrying about feeling obligated to talk about every single episode I see. At least not individually. The full details are in my post on my other site. Hope you’ll have the time to check that out.

Welcome to the Blog! — Voyager

All right! This is first post of my personal blog, officially introducing the site and what I’ll more-or-less be doing with it. Check out the link below to learn more!

And so begins a new venture.

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