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Thorns of a Blooming Love | Bloom Into You

The Bulletoon Twins offer a partial analysis of Bloom Into You – a compelling story exploring love, sexuality, and identity.


Investigating the Mystery of Love in Bulletoon

We’re baaack~ And ready for another season of anime essays! Stay Toon’d!

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2018 – A Year Of Surprises In Anime | Annual Anime Rewind

It’s been quite a year. And now it’s time to take a moment and look back at everything that really jumped out at us. Welcome to our first Annual Anime Rewind!

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Decisive Battle! SSSS.Gridman vs. Bloom Into You | Anime TKO

The Grand Finals are at last upon us. Now it’s time. Kaiju-Fighting Giant Robot versus High School Girls In Love! FIGHT!

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So Ends The Fall Anime Season. And What An End It Was? | Weekly Anime Redux

The resolutions to these last holdout shows were… definitely something. That’s for certain.

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Our Actions Define Us, Our Memories Make Us Who We Are | Weekly Anime Redux

Merry Christmas, Internet! My present to you? A new Anime Redux! It was delayed because of the holidays, but there’s really no way I can choose not to talk about a week of so much awesome.

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And Then There Was One… Sorta | Weekly Anime Redux

All I’mma say is… oof.

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This Tournament Arc Draws Yet Closer To Its Conclusion | Anime TKO

And so it begins. The Semifinals are upon us. So let this, the penultimate round of Anime TKO Fall 2018… BEGIN!

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Oh. Well, That Solves That, It Seems. Moving On | Weekly Anime Redux

Lots of things came to their conclusion, this week. Meanwhile, other shows just began new threads.

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Is It Fair Being Compared to Perfection? What Does Perfection Look Like? | Weekly Anime Redux

Two “perfect” Senpais, two Kohais intent on not adoring them. But each has their own reasons.

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