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SpiderVerse and Black Panther Won Big at the Oscars! | Bulletoon Weekly

Superheroes got a lot of attention at the latest Academy Awards! But was it well deserved? Stay Toon’d!

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This is Truly the Year of Spider-Man… Not So Much Venom | Bulletoon Weekly

For the start of their 8th season, Rila and Riley talk about the wall crawler and his brutal counterpart in their latest theatrical outings during what seems to be the year of Spider-Man! Stay Toon’d!

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What if Marvel Brought Back the “What If” Books? Wait, They ARE?! | Bulletoon Weekly

An adored Marvel tradition is making a comeback! Welcome the return of Marvel’s super creative “What If?” titles!

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E3 2018 Might Not Have Been As Hype As Last Year, But It Was A… Smash | Bulletoon Weekly

This year’s E3 was a rousing success! …and yet somehow a total failure. Guess it depends on who you ask.

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The First Family of Comics Returns to Marvel! Welcome Back Fantastic Four! – Bulletoon Weekly

Riley has a happy. There’s a lot of really awesome news for the comic fans, today. From the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man, things are looking up! Stay Toon’d!

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So Let’s Talk About The Dragon Ball Super Film Teaser – Bulletoon Weekly

Right on the heels of last week, Dragon Ball Super’s anime film released a teaser video! There were also a ton of updates on FLCL 2 & 3, as well as some other awesome stuff! Stay Toon’d!

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Brigitte Shield Bashes Her Way Into Overwatch! – Bulletoon Weekly

We FINALLY know the identity of hero 27, and Riley couldn’t be happier! Well… she might if Rila has anything to say about it.

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Venom Set Photo Suggest Fusion of Eddie Brock’s and Flash Thompson’s Backstories? – Galvanic Cinema

So let’s begin with my initial reaction of “…huh?”

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Gal Gadot Threatens Wonder Woman Exit? – Bulletoon Weekly

Tensions in Hollywood are high at the moment thanks to the deluge of sexual misconduct accusations. Meanwhile, there’s a movie coming to Sony’s Spider-Man universe and there may be a Young Justice hero joining the DCEU! All that and more on this episode of Bulletoon Weekly! Stay Toon’d!

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Ned Leeds wants Venom for Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel – Galvanic Cinema

Bob: Well, looks like the twins already claimed most of the cool stories, today. Guess I’ll just talk about thi-

Chris: No.

Bob: But I-

Chris: No. Nuh-uh. Nope. Absolutely not. You are not talking about Spider-Man without me. Comics are my thing. Start the Tag Team.

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