EA Aquires Respawn Entertainment – Scripted Gaming

So that’s why the Titans fall… Continue reading

Bandai Namco Talks Nintendo Switch Exclusives – Scripted Gaming

During a financial briefing, Bandai Namco said they would be releasing 3 exclusives for the Nintendo Switch. So now, let’s talk about it.

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Battlefront 2 to get Free DLC for The Last Jedi – Scripted Gaming

Apparently, EA isn’t as incompetent as I originally believed.
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Rumor: Rocksteady’s Next Project Could Be A Superman Game? (UPDATE) – Scripted Gaming

Oooh, this could go either really well or really terribly…

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Overwatch Is Rebalancing Ana & Mercy – Scripted Gaming

Oh, so they decided to do something about this, huh?

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Telltale’s The Walking Dead has Been Bitten – Scripted Gaming

Telltale’s The Walking Dead approaches its final season. Continue reading

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Story Will Live On… In A Novel – Scripted Gaming

Bob: Because the fans want novels instead of DLC or more games. Right.

Chris: HA! You thought EA gave a crap about what the fans wanted.

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Sonic Forces – Speculation Round 1 (Scripted Gaming)

Chris: *looks up* Huh. The Sonic Signal. Wait… doesn’t that mean-

Bob: *crashes into the room* Sonic Forces speculation. Come on. We’re doing this.

Chris: …Did you just give me an order?
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Scripted Gaming: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Y’know, I miss the days when all I had to complain about was the Salt-Powered Robot.

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