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6 Badass Character Themes

Who’s ready for a special MUSICAL Bullet List?! We are!

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4 Things to Improve Pokemon Sword & Shield | Bulletoon

Rila and Riley really dug the latest outing in the Pokemon franchise. Buuut not as much as they’d have liked. Here are just 4 things they’d have liked to see done differently. Stay Toon’d!

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Riley – AxusX
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8 Awesome Things From 2019 | Year-End Bullet List

With the year coming to a close, Rila and Riley decide to talk about a few of their favorite things from 2019! Stay Toon’d!

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So Who Else Is Excited For Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? | Bulletoon Weekly

Not only did Nintendo FINALLY reveal their Main Series Pokemon game for the Switch, but Blizzard also unveiled Hero 30 of Overwatch! Stay Toon’d!

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Fire Force Gets An Anime And Detective Pikachu Gets A Trailer! | Bulletoon Weekly

Another manga from the creator of Soul Eater is getting an anime? We’re in! Stay Toon’d!

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Brigitte Shield Bashes Her Way Into Overwatch! – Bulletoon Weekly

We FINALLY know the identity of hero 27, and Riley couldn’t be happier! Well… she might if Rila has anything to say about it.

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5 Insanely Annoying Pokemon Game Mechanics – Scripted Gaming

A game’s mechanics can make them or break them. And Pokemon has some seriously questionable ones.

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Was Disney Trying To BUY 21st Century Fox?! – Bulletoon Weekly

The DCEU’s SHAZAM! revealed a ton of casting updates! There was also BlizzCon to talk about, a major shift in the world of comics, and an anime announcement that made a looot of people happy. All that and more on this episode of Bulletoon Weekly! Stay Toon’d!

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And Catwoman’s Answer To Batman’s Proposal Is… – Bulletoon Weekly

For decades it seems the game of Cat and Bat has persisted. But after the shocking result of the Cat finally being “caught,” how does she respond?

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Patty Jenkins returns for Wonder Woman 2! – Bulletoon Mini

The Amazing Amazon is set to return in 2019, and she’s bringing her equally amazing director with her! Also: Man of Steel 2 may have a director. Terminator 6 sure does. Along with a familiar face. All this and more on this week’s Bulletoon… “Mini.” Stay Toon’d!

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