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It’s Official. Marvel’s Netflix Line Is Cancelled. Or Is It? | Bulletoon Weekly

Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones are out. Punisher and Defenders are over. So what’s next for the Marvel Television branch of the MCU? Stay Toon’d!

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Goodbye Daredevil, Hello Neon Genesis Evangelion | Bulletoon Mini

The twins are back from a brief hiatus, and just in time for Netflix to drop a big present in the laps of anime fans, the world over. Meanwhile the Marvel fans of the world seem to be getting a lump of coal. Stay Toon’d!

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And The Isekai Trend Is Still Going Strong In Anime – Bulletoon Weekly

Looks like now Riley’s wanting to be transported to another world. One with a bit less “Isekai” in it… wait. Uh… Stay Toon’d!

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