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How Does The Original Hold Up? | Horizon Zero Dawn Revisited

With Horizon Forbidden West on the way, Riley thinks it’s high time she went back to the first game to see how it holds up. Did her thoughts change at all? Stay Toon’d to find out!

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So Who Else Is Excited For Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? | Bulletoon Weekly

Not only did Nintendo FINALLY reveal their Main Series Pokemon game for the Switch, but Blizzard also unveiled Hero 30 of Overwatch! Stay Toon’d!

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Will the PS5 be Backwards Compatible? | Bulletoon Weekly

Rumors of the potential for the PS5 have been swirling around, including an especially interesting one regarding backwards compatibility! But how legit are they? Also, take a look at the latest updates from the Winter 2019 Anime TKO

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Revenge is Sweet in OWL2019 | Overwatch League Rewind

The second season of the Overwatch League is off to a pretty cool start, I’d say.

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Let’s Talk Everything We Know About Jump Force! | Bulletoon Weekly

Riley’s out sick, but big sis has her covered. So now it’s her turn to talk about the hotly anticipated Shonen Jump brawler from Bandai, Jump Force! Stay Toon’d!

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No, Alternative Media Is Not Creating A “Post-Literate Society” | Electric Editorial

All right. I think we all need to hear this.

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So How Awesome Were The New Overwatch Hero And LoL K/DA Music Video? | Bulletoon Weekly

So. It looks like Riley might have a new girl crush, thanks to BlizzCon 2018. Also, who else saw that awesome music video League of Legends put out for the K/DA Skins? Stay Toon’d!

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The Tale of Two Reinhardts | Overwatch Analysis

Riley decides to take a look at some footage from a game her pal played, not long ago. Just goes to show how crucial the Main Tank role is.

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Looks Like Telltale Games’s Walking Dead Series Isn’t Buried Yet | Bulletoon Weekly

In a quick update, it looks like Skybound Games is picking up the Walking Dead series from Telltale to complete the Final Season. What do the girls think about this? Stay Toon’d!

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It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Telltale Games Imploded | Bulletoon Weekly

It’s really no surprise that this happened. Telltale Games was bogged down by a TON of problems. Poor working conditions, a repetitive formula, and taking on FAR too many projects… it was bound to happen. So now the girls talk about it. Stay Toon’d!

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