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E3 2018 Might Not Have Been As Hype As Last Year, But It Was A… Smash | Bulletoon Weekly

This year’s E3 was a rousing success! …and yet somehow a total failure. Guess it depends on who you ask.

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E3 2018 | EA Brings Anthem Gameplay + A Trailer

One year after the game’s reveal at E3 2017, Anthem is back for E3 2018. And this time it has a trailer.

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Clone Wars DLC for Battlefront II

E3 2018 | EA Reveals Clone Wars DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II

There’s an awful lot of Star Wars news this E3.

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E3 2018 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

E3 2018 | Respawn Reveals Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Well, that was unexpected but not totally unwanted.

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You Got Your Anohana In My Sword Art Online! | Bulletoon Weekly

Two meh tastes that taste meh together, from the sounds of it. But maybe Seven Senses of the Re’Union has more to offer? Also some exciting news about Sakura Wars and Shaman King!

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EA’s Battlefront II Response is… Lacking – Scripted Gaming

I can’t get away with giving these people any slack, can I?

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EA Aquires Respawn Entertainment – Scripted Gaming

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Battlefront 2 to get Free DLC for The Last Jedi – Scripted Gaming

Apparently, EA isn’t as incompetent as I originally believed.
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Netflix Is Getting HOW MANY Original Anime, Next Year?! – Bulletoon Weekly

The twins are back to talk about the latest Black Panther trailer, a challenger approaching the Green Lantern Corps, all the new anime coming to Netflix, and maybe a little on EA shutting down Visceral Games. All that and more on this episode of Bulletoon Weekly!

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Anthem and Detroit and Metroid, Oh My! (E3 2017) – Bulletoon Weekly

The girls return with another E3 recap, courtesy of 2017! What new treats await the gaming world?

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