Fallout 76

E3 2018 | Bethesda Unleashes Fallout 76

Well, Bethesda just blew their competition out of the water.

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E3 2018 | XBoxE3 reveals Jump Force trailer

There were plenty of world premieres at Microsoft’s XBox conference during this year’s E3. But this one was quite the surprise.

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E3 2018 | EA Brings Anthem Gameplay + A Trailer

One year after the game’s reveal at E3 2017, Anthem is back for E3 2018. And this time it has a trailer.

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Clone Wars DLC for Battlefront II

E3 2018 | EA Reveals Clone Wars DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II

There’s an awful lot of Star Wars news this E3.

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Anthem and Detroit and Metroid, Oh My! (E3 2017) – Bulletoon Weekly

The girls return with another E3 recap, courtesy of 2017! What new treats await the gaming world?

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