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Frieza: The Irredeemable | Dragon Ball

Of all the villains in the long history of Dragon Ball, arguably none have had quite the same impact as the Emperor of the Universe, Frieza. But what is it that gives him such staying power? Stay Toon’d!

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Looking at Dragon Ball Z’s PERFECT Antagonist

Since what seems like Time Immemorial, the question of Dragon Ball’s best villain has loomed over its fanbase. And while “Best” is still highly debatable, there is only one Dragon Ball antagonist who can truly claim to be… “Perfect.”

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Android 18 and the Fight to Stay Relevant

The Dragon Ball franchise has produced tons of memorable characters. It’s a shame, then, that so many of them fall to the wayside. But there’s one character almost forgotten that’s managed to make her way back into the spotlight. So let’s talk about Best Girl. Better known as Android 18. Stay Toon’d!

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