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Monster Hunter World – Riley Reviews

When Rila’s away, Riley will play. And her game of choice, this time, is none other than Monster Hunter World! See what she thought about it in the latest Bulletoon Review!

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Little Witch Academia (Cour 2) – Rila Reviews

Rila’s coverage of Little Witch Academia continues as the second cour is now up on Netflix! But how does it compare to the first? Stay Toon’d!

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Little Witch Academia (Cour 1) – Rila Reviews

When Riley’s away, big sister will play. Rila finally cracks open one of her favorite anime of the year by reviewing the first cour of Little Witch Academia! Stay Toon’d!

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Wonder Woman – Riley Reviews

After years of being one of the Amazing Amazon’s biggest fans, will Riley be filled with Wonder after seeing her new movie? Or does this spell the end for the DCEU? Stay Tooned as Riley Reviews… Wonder Woman!

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Horizon Zero Dawn – Riley Reviews

In this special little video, Riley gives her complete thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn! So, how does it hold up? Stay Tooned to find out!

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